Defensive Tactics and Arrest

Stoneridge Tactical Academy in Medford, Oregon is proud to offer Safariland-Defense Technology Certified OC Pepper Spray certification training.  Defense Technology is one of the most respected names in pepper spray products around the world.  The instructor, David Cunningham is the only Defense Technolgy-certified instructor in the valley and Stoneridge Tactical Academy is the only Defense Technology-Certified school in Southern Oregon.​


Our DEFTAC/ARREST course is one of the best and most effective self defense systems designed for Police Departments, Security Agencies and Government Agents.  The course is instructed by David Cunningham, a former LE Field Training Officer, and currently a 3rd degree blackbelt under Grand Master Chuck Norris, and an upper level Krav Maga instructor.  Mr. Cunningham has taught use of force and defensive tactics since 1991 in the state of Oregon.

At Stoneridge Tactical, we are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing private and public law enforcement these days and we are constantly updating our program to provide efficient and effective response in the application of reasonable use of force in conformity with standard legal practices that will vary from department to department.


Our main focus is to keep your officers safe when they enter a situation whether the person is compliant or not. We also provide tactical skills to provide the officers the ability to respond quickly and effectively with the proper tools and utilize the correct use-of-force option under stress.

Our program is simple and to the point and consists of approximately 6 hours of intensive hands-on training.


​Private Security and Public Law Enforcement Certification Program:

• Mind Set and Awareness
• Threat perception
• Duty to act
• CQB Fitness (Punching, Kicking, personal weapons)
• Self-Defense
• Defenses Against Pistol and Rifle Threats
• Defenses Against Long Weapons Attacks
• Ground Tactics for LE Application
• Arrest and Control Tactics
• Searching and Handcuffing
• Pistol and Rifle Retention
• Special Operations

What To Bring:

You will need to provide your own handcuffing duty equipment.   If you have handcuffs manufactured by another company, that will suffice.  We will learn about a number of different types of sprays and delivery systems during the class.  You will need the following items:

  • Government issued photo ID

  • Duty Belt

  • Handcuffs with case

  • Holster and plastic firearm if available

  • Proper dress - BDUs, shirt

  • Shirt

  • Towel

  • Drinks

  • Snacks

  • (No functional firearms or ammunition will be allowed in class)


Classes run 6 hours with breaks


Each successful participant will receive Certificate of Completion.  You should be in good health with no injuries, heart conditions, or lung problems.  A Release of Liability form will be signed by each student before being allowed to participate in the course.


COST: $125 ($25 deposit is required after signing up - Use the BUY NOW button)


Please take a look at the class schedule to see when our next class is scheduled.