LE Continuing Education Courses

Classes specifically designed for police, county sheriff, FBI, and private law enforcement officers, our continuing education courses are taught by a Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructors and guest speakers.  Whether you are seeking continuing training in specific areas such as arrest/search & seizure, defensive tactics, baton, OC, tazer, or need a specific course per department guidelines, we have what you need.  If we don't, contact us and we'll develop a training cirriculum for that specific subject to satisfy your requirements.


Maintining your current certifications requires maintenance.  We offer continuing educations classes in areas such as Interpreting Body Language, Leadership Training, Violent Encounters Evasion, Advanced Defensive Tactics, Detecting Falsification of Identification, Arrest and Control, Fitness, Confidence in Contacts, and other topics with frequent well-known guest speakers.  Check out our lineup of classes.