This class will provide the LEO a basic to intermediate understanding and ability to carry effectively, present confidently, and manipulate carbine rifles for use in armed conflict situtations where having a tactical advantage is a necessity.


LE Basic Tactical Carbine: 8-hour course for law enforcement officers running carbine weapons.  Course covers nomenclature, stances, aiming, optics, trigger control, breath control,  field-stripping, servicing and cleaning your rifle, basic tactical manipulation and movement, tactical and emergency reloading, proper handling and presentation for firing, voice commands, and marksmanship.


The North Hollywood shootout in 1997 was an armed confrontation between two heavily armed and armored bank robbers and officers of the Los Angeles Police Department on February 28, 1997 is a clear indicator of the need for law enforcement to carry upgraded firearms resources as opposed to depending solely on their duty handgun.  Law enforcement organizations all across America are sending sworn personnel to training schools like this to become proficient in carbine operation in order to maintain a tactical advantage over more heavily armed suspects.


  • Hat (Boonie or cap is acceptable)

  • Serviceable carbine – .223, 9mm, .30 cal, 7.62 x 39mm (AK-47), or 45 ACP

  • Tactical Sling

  • Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines (5 is recommended)

  • 800 rounds of serviceable brass-case ammo

  • Tactical-type BDUs

  • Eye & Ear protection

  • Tac Vest with mag pouch

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Cleaning kit with CLP

  • Snacks, lunch, etc and water

  • A notebook and writing utensil


Class Cost: $250.00 (Plus range fee)