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Police arrive in less than 5 minutes only 9% of the time!



We are blessed at Stoneridge Tactical to have acquired another private range large enough to perform any type of training we desire. We have to thank our property owner for the opportunity to join together for a mutually beneficial arrangement.


We look forward to training Live-fire CHL classes, Simunition Force-On-Force training, tactical handgun, shotgun, and rifle, kids rifle and handgun courses, women's courses, and NRA-sanctioned training classes!


First order of business? Additional named insured and then party for the property owners and friends! After that...grading of property and addition of gravel, lanes, and bathroom.


Stoneridge Tactical is the only firearms training school in southern Oregon with a private range! Class schedule:


10-7-17: NEWS SOURCE - KDRV NEWSWATCH 12 - Andryanna Sheppard

A southern Oregon firearms school is helping a high school student with her senior project. Crater High School student Katrina Sherlock started her internship with Stoneridge Tactical Academy during its women's handgun class. In order to graduate, every Crater High School senior must complete a senior project and with the gun control debate, Katrina Sherlock wants to make hers count beyond her last year in high school.

"My paper is about the mass shootings and the gender associated with mass shootings and gun prevention laws. How can we prevent mass shootings without restricting gun safety?" Intern Katrina Sherlock said. So Sherlock asked the Stoneridge Tactical Academy for an internship opportunity and the academy said yes. After all this was not the first time it has had an intern from Crater High. Its founder said this is just one of the many ways it gives back to the community.

"An intern is a great program to be able to get high school kids understanding gun safety, understanding how to properly use a hand gun and a lot of it is taking away the curiosity involved in hand guns and firearms in general. Take away the curiosity and it becomes a tool. This is what we're striving for," said Stoneridge Tactical Academy Founder David Cunningham.


Saturday was the women's beginning handgun class and Sherlock's first day as an intern and a completely different class than she's used to.

“It's really interesting because this is my first class that I've ever interned at. I was at another previous women's handgun safety course and that was a lot of women. But this one was more personal and we all go along and it was like a little community," Sherlock added.


Sherlock's gun safety paper is only at its beginning stages of research. After all, she officially started her internship this morning, but she hopes her senior paper will offer another perspective on gun control.


"I'm hoping to spread the knowledge of gun safety and how guns aren't bad if they're not in the hands of bad people." Sherlock said. She said in Saturday’s class alone she’s learned a lot and her final paper is not due until February. But in the meantime, she'll be going to a lot more classes at the Stoneridge Tactical Academy hoping to earn that A.

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