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Advanced Tactical Handgun 1
Advanced Tactical Handgun 2
Seventy percent of all shootings occur in LOW or REDUCED light conditions
Shoot straighter, faster, more accurately, more confidently, with smaller groups at farther distances, and proficiently while under more pressure than you thought possible.  You will take everything that you have learned in this and prior courses and will be proficient and utilizing these skills in every aspect of your practice.  Leave your ego at home.
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Law Enforcement Tactical Handgun 1
Law Enforcement Tactical Handgun 2
Advanced Tactical Handgun 3



The 2-Day Tactical Handgun course is an "ADVANCED", complete, all-inclusive 16-hour, live-fire shooting course and is fast paced and high-stress. This course is designed for those who possess an upper-level skill set with a thorough knowledge of handgun safety and tactical manipulation techniques and immediate action remedies for all types of firearm feedway stoppages or malfunctions. The student feels comfortable using a semi automatic firearm and has the necessary confidence in their firearm skills that would lend itself to a non hesitant, aggressive stance and action to work effectively and efficiently through a dynamic critical incident.

This course will take the student well beyond Oregon Revised Statute requirements for a Concealed Handgun License and far beyond the basic tactical manipulation techniques learned in the Defense Carry Fundamentals course, and into the advanced realm of tactical handgun shooting tactics where the balance between speed and accuracy are vital.  You will be pushed to the limits of understanding and ability and will be forced to perform at the top of your game. During this 2-day course, candidates will design their own drill, include loadout, type of drill, skills worked, and run the drill using other candidates as assistants.

Students WILL have solid firearm skill set PRIOR to attending this course. Unconventional shooting positions including sitting, lying, kneeling, and crouching will be covered.  Your goal is to progress through these varied scenarios pushing the envelope of what you think is possible, using a variety of concealment and cover configurations.  You will also learn team room entry and techniques normally reserved for law enforcement.  Advanced reduced-light training will also be covered.  Did you now that approximately 70% of all shootings occur in low-light or reduced light conditions?

Participants must have an intimate working knowledge of ALL the firearms platforms and must have successfully completed a recognized firearms class that included general methods of instruction. THIS is not a beginner class.  You will be tested at the beginning of class for your safe gun handling ability.

Examples of Prior Experience:

You must have prior experience in one of the following or similar to be admitted into this class.  Law Enforcement Handgun School or former Law Enforcement Officer; attended a State, POST or regional academy recognized firearm school; any federally-run firearm school (eg: FBI, DEA, NLEFIA FLETC, etc.); NRA Firearms Instructor, firearm schools conducted by recognized law enforcement or national training divisions of the firearm manufacturing industry (eg: Sig Sauer Academy, H&K Training Division, Smith & Wesson Academy, etc.), Range Safety Officer or Chief Range Safety Officer.


Each request to attend will be reviewed by the instructor on a case by case basis prior to admission.

Maximum 8 people per class - (Spots are limited-First Come-First Served)


Course Contents:

Safety Brief

Safe Gun Handling Test

Advanced Firearm Safety Pre-Qualification
Course Layout and Discussion
Review of Advanced Shooting Techniques

Cover and Concealment Exercises

"21-Foot Rule" Knife Defense

The Fine Line Between Speed and Accuracy
Drawing from a Holster & Drawing From a Cover Position
Lateral Movement/Circular Movement/Benefits and Safety
Shooting Through Concealment
Emergency, Tactical, and Administrative Reloading
Complex Malfunction Clearing Drills
Conflict Avoidance and Voice Presence Techniques
Firearm Retention Drills
Use of Deadly Physical Force
Shoot-Don't-Shoot Scenarios

Disabled Shooter Skills

Strong and Weak Hand Shooting
Urgency Drills at Varying Distances
Close Quarters and "In-Contact" Combat Shooting

Police and Law Enforcement Tactics


Having your own firearm is vital for this course.  You will be required to be thoroughly familiar with your own firearm. This is an "Advanced" course. If you have questions, please email or call. Acceptance into the course is at the complete discretion of the instructor. 


Mandatory Equipment:
  • 400-500 rounds of ammunition (no reloads/hand loads)

  • Your own or borrowed firearm (Your own is preferred)

  • 3 magazines

  • Magazine pouch

  • Knee pads are strongly advised (unconventional positions)

  • Holster that covers the trigger guard

  • Weather-dependent clothing (jacket, sweatshirt, etc)

  • Snacks, lunch and drinks

  • Eye and ear protection (Electronic is preferred)

  • Long pants

  • Pad and pen


Deposit of $150.00 required to reserve your seat 
click the "BUY NOW" button to pay your deposit!

Some ranges we use require payment of park entry fees for non-member shooters.  You are responsible for park entry fees.  We recommend purchasing memberships at the range if you plan on being an avid shooter.


All handgun classes taught through Stoneridge Tactical have been designed, built, and developed in accordance with the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, the NRA, and NRA Law Enforcement Division Instructor training practices and guidelines by Stoneridge Tactical, David Cunningham, and Liz Cunningham, NLEFIA Advanced Firearms Instructor, NRA Instructors, NRA LE Division "Handgun" and  "Patrol Rifle" instructors, and satisfy Oregon's requirement for "Concealed Handgun Certification" per ORS 166.291.


Prepayment is required to enroll and participate in this class.  If you are committed and have the time, this shouldn't be a problem for you.  Click the PayPal button below and pay for the class.  You don't even have to have a PayPal account.  You may pay with credit or debit!  Your card will be charged real-time and you will receive a payment receipt at the email address you provide during checkout.  By making your payment for the class, you understand and are agreeing to our REFUND POLICY.  You should be committed to attending as prepayments are nonrefundable and non transferable to another class.  Live fire classes are not available to those women who are pregnant.  If you prepay for these courses and cannot attend due to pregnancy, there are no refunds or transfers of any kind.  If you or a person in your party cancels for any reason, they forfeit their deposit.  Forfeited deposits cannot be used to bring in another student in their place.  Check the class schedule for our upcoming classes.

Make Your Payment 
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