Private lessons are definitely an option.  We offer private lessons in certain circumstances.  Our private time is purchased at a cost of $120/hour with a 2 hour minimum and available on weekdays only.  We are unable to do private lessons for students that wish to participate in classwork where there is a scheduled course already listed in the schedule. 

Private lessons are for unique situations with unique requirements.  An example would be if a DPSST Armed Security Professional needs remediation and training in order to pass the DPSST PQC-1 qualification course in order to obtain DPSST certification.  In that case, a nonrefundable payment is due in advance in order to schedule the time on the range.  Range rental feels may be required.  This time is not available for student candidates that simply wish to "do the class" on their own time or for students simply passing through town.  In cases like this, you will be required to attend the group course at a scheduled time.  


For serious and dedicated shooters, we offer annual memberships to all firearms classes.  Get unlimited access to all firearms courses, including repeats of the same course.  If you are anything like us, you are always training.  No matter what class you take, you go in with the attitude of a student.  You learn something new at each class.  Get better, practice more, develop new skills and hone your current skill set.  Run your platform faster, quicker, better, and more fluidly.

Includes unlimited single-day firearms courses  
COST: $695
Includes multi-day courses: 
COST: $1595

*Annual Memberships include firearm classes only and do not include Simunition, law enforcement, security, ASP baton, OC pepper spray, defensive tactics, Krav Maga self defense or combination firearm/LE/Security classes.  Repeating courses you've already taken is acceptable and encouraged. 

Complete payment is required for this purchase. By making your payment here, you understand and are agreeing to our REFUND POLICY

Contact us regarding this class: 541-499-4706