Handcuffing Certification Classes


Stoneridge Tactical Academy is proud to offer ASP Certified training.  Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), is one of the most respected names in public safety products around the world.  Stoneridge Tactical Academy is the only ASP-Certified school in Southern Oregon.​


ASP is the world's leading authority on handcuffing and temporary restraint systems. We provide ASP sanctioned certified training classes to security and law enforcement. 


Because training is one of the most important aspects of liability reduction techniques for security and law enforcement officers, failing to properly train staff in the correct use of handcuffs can lead to costly lawsuits.  The most common lawsuits in this industry are lawsuits arising out of injuries to arrested individuals for improper use of restraint devices.


Don't fall into the trap of "Failure to Train".  Protect yourself and your officers.  Get ASP Handcuff Certified.


Arrests are made as a matter of course in the line of duty.  Whenever arrests are made, proper stabilization of the subject being arrested and the subsequent restraint must be handled in a way that provides the best restrain option with the least risk of injury to either the subject or the officer.  At Stoneridge Tactical Academy, you will learn proper restraint techniques that will insure officer safety as the number one priority. 


You will perform
                                  how you train


If your training is "zero", your performance will mimick exactly that when confronted with a violent offender.  As ASP certified instructors, we strive to provide the best training resulting in the highest-caliber handcuffing certification an officer can receive.


What To Bring:

You will need to provide your own handcuffing duty equipment.   If you have handcuffs manufactured by another company, that will suffice.  We will supply a number of different types of handcuffs for training purposes during the class.  Feel free to call ASP directly for a listing of ASP Distributors in this area who stock ASP products. You may have to order from Galls Police Supply.  You will need the following training material:

  • Government issued photo ID

  • Double-Locking Handcuffs (Mandatory)

  • Handcuff case or holster

  • Gym Clothes

  • Gym Shoes

  • Groin Cup

  • Drinks

  • Duty Belt for the handcuffs and holster

  • (No functional firearms or ammunition will be allowed in class)


Classes run 6 hours with breaks


Student packets will be provided.  Each successful participant will receive an ASP Certificate of Completion.  This is a "Competency-Based" program.  Attendance is not a guarantee of successful course completion.  You should be in good health with no injuries, heart conditions, lung problems, or recent surgeries.  A Release of Liability form will be signed by each student before being allowed to participate in the course.


COST: $125 ($25 deposit is required after signing up)


Please take a look at the class schedule to see when our next class is scheduled.