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COST: $200 Plus $10.00 Range Fee ($100.00 deposit required)
16 and older welcome!

This is a basic course for beginning shooters who have qualified experience with a handgun/sidearm and little to no experience with a carbine rifle, who wish to become more familiar with and more competently run various carbine weapon platforms. 

This full-day course moves the shooter from no experience to handling the rifle as it was designed to be used.  Starting with terminology and operation of the rifle, accessories, styles, types of rifles, to using iron sights or optics, the shooter refines their knowledge of mechanical offset, proper movement techniques, tactical loading and emergency reloading, malfunction clearance drills, and targeting. The course teaches students how to utilize basic fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and handling, how to "zero" iron-sighted rifles, the difference between "zero" and "sighting in" a rifle.  Basic ready positions, shot timing, movement, pivoting, and reaction drills with positional changes are taught in this Beginner course.  

Range work starts with basic marksmanship and movement, use of cover, prone, kneeling, and standing positions, turning and moving, use of various ready positions during engagement, and the “safety circle” concept, basic malfunction clearance techniques, emergency reloading, moving off the line and firing, transitioning to sidearm.  You'll learn techniques to engage multiple threats, and firing from elevational different shooting positions. Targeting drills from 50 yards to close quarters, students will run through several targeting drills designed by Stoneridge Tactical and others.  Students will participate in basic skill-building drills that will have them aiming, shooting, moving, and running their carbine rifle platform more confidently.

The following firearms training topics will be covered:

*·Firearms training and basic safety

*·Introduction to the AR-15 / M-4 rifle


*·Disassembly / reassembly

*·Function checking the AR-15 / M-4 rifle

*·Basic gun-handling skills

*·Loading / unloading and press checking the rifle

*·Sling use and carry techniques

*·Zeroing iron sights

*·Understanding bullet trajectory

*·Mechanical off-set and hold-off POI

*·Basic marksmanship and target analysis

*·Emergency, tactical reloads, and speed reloads

*·Malfunction clearance drills

*·Presentation from the low ready / search position

*·Presentation from high ready / combat ready

*·Delivering controlled pairs and accelerated pairs

*·Move and scan

*·Shooting positions - standing, squatting, kneeling

*·Fundamental diagnostics and self-correcting

*·Maintenance and cleaning


  • Hat (Boonie or cap with brim or bill is acceptable)

  • Serviceable carbine – .223, 9mm, .30 cal, 7.62 x 39mm (AK-47), or 45 ACP

  • Red dots and optics are OK

  • Suppressors are allowed after proof of tax stamp

  • Sidearm in 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, .45 ACP with 200 rds ammo

  • Tactical Sling for your rifle

  • Minimum of 3 serviceable magazines

  • 200-300 rounds of quality ammo

  • Green-Tip M855 ammo is not allowed due to steel-penetrating capabilities, no exceptions

  • Long pants - (Preferably, tactical-type cargo pants/BDUs are best)

  • Eye & Ear protection (Ear protection that is battery operated is highly recommended)

  • Vest with magazine pouch or simple mag carrier

  • Knee and elbow pads (Recommended)

  • Cleaning kit and CLP (Cleaner, Lube, Protectant)

  • Snacks, lunch, etc and water

(Deposit of $100.00 required to secure your spot) 
click the "BUY NOW" button to pay your deposit!

Some ranges we use require payment of park entry fees for non-member shooters.  You are responsible for park entry fees.  We recommend purchasing memberships at the range if you plan on being an avid shooter.


All rifle classes taught through Stoneridge Tactical have been designed, built, and developed in accordance with the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, the NRA, and NRA Law Enforcement Division Instructor training practices and guidelines by Stoneridge Tactical, David Cunningham, Liz Cunningham, NLEFIA Advanced Firearms Instructors, NRA Instructors, NRA LE Division "Handgun" and  "Patrol Rifle" instructors.

Prepayment is required to enroll and participate in this class.  If you are committed and have the time, this shouldn't be a problem for you.  Click the PayPal button below and pay for the class.  You don't even have to have a PayPal account.  You may pay with credit or debit!  Your card will be charged real-time and you will receive a payment receipt at the email address you provide during checkout.  By making your payment for the class, you understand and are agreeing to our REFUND POLICY.  You should be committed to attending as prepayments are nonrefundable and non transferable to another class.  Live fire classes are not available to those women who are pregnant.  If you prepay for these courses and cannot attend due to pregnancy, there are no refunds or transfers of any kind.  If you or a person in your party cancels for any reason, they forfeit their deposit.  Forfeited deposits cannot be used to bring in another student in their place.  Check the class schedule for our upcoming classes.

Please do not make a payment unless you have received an email to do so.

You MUST use the
Signup Form
to get your names on the roster before you will get that email!
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