Children's Firearm Classes

Stoneridge Tactical Academy has classes for all ages of children from 8 years old through 17 years of age.  Children need the same education in firearms that adults require.  We have created several classes for kids from beginning firearm safety with emphasis on safety discussions all the way through shooting and tactical classes.  Whatever your idea is for your child, we can accommodate you.

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Kid's Gun Safety Classes


At Stoneridge, we have certified firearms instructors that know what kids like!  The primary cause of children misusing firearms is the mystique surrounding firearms, parents sheltering children from learning about firearms, and the children's resulting unfamiliarity with  firearms.  We have learned to safely remove the mystery from this subject which allows children of all ages to become familiar with and be able to put firearms in perspective as a "tool" rather than an unapproachable, mysterious thing that they are never to handle.  Handguns as well as rifles will be discussed and handled.  Certificates of Course Completion will be issued to all students.  This class satisfies ORS 166.291(1)(f)(c) for Concealed Handgun Certification.  For an additional $25, even accompanying parents of each child may elect to obtain their own certification of completion to be used to satisfy the Oregon State requirement for Oregon CHL licensure.  This means that children may save their certificate until they are of the age of consent and apply for their concealed handgun license with this certificate.  For an additional $25, Interested parents may also receive a certificate for Oregon Concealed Handgun for attending.


Children must be accompanied by an adult.

(NOTE: This is a "Beginner NO SHOOT" class designed especially for kids 8-17 years of age.  Perfect for parents that want their kids to learn from an NRA-Certified Firearms Instructor


LOCATION: Central Point Campus

COST: $25

A certificate that satisfies Oregon Revised Statute 166.291(1)(f)(c) for Oregon CHL will be given to each child and each paid adult chaperone

***Lifetime certification
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Jun 26 @ 1 PM
Aug 22 @ 9 AM
Aug 22 @ 1 PM
Oct 17 @ 9 AM

Oct 17 @ 1 PM
Nov 20 @ 9 AM
Nov 20 @ 1 PM
Dec 26 @ 9 AM
Dec 26 @ 1 PM

Our indoor kid's shooting classes are taught by NRA-Certified Law Enforcement Handgun Instructors.  Shooting exercises will be overseen and monitored by a Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.  This gives children the perfect opportunity to learn to shoot in a safe indoor venue with certified instructors where safety is paramount.  This class is perfect for the beginning shooter or the child that already has a firm foundation of basic handgun safety principles in theory and action taught at home.

Stay WARM during winter months while learning!  Our firearms are without the heavy recoil that occurs with lethal, ballistic ammunition!  Special firearms provide with the ammunition for students who want an All-Inclusive course, are law enforcement certified, low-recoil, "less than lethal" firearms and ammo suitable for indoor use.  Stoneridge Tactical has received authorization from local law enforcement to offer this course indoors inside city limits.  This is definitely a class you want to be part of. 

Except for the non-lethal, live-fire handguns  and special ammunition provided to all students as part of the course, this course is identical to any outdoor range course.  Because these firearms use a specialized, high-tech, low-energy, low-recoil ammunition and corresponding specialized firearms, the cost is somewhat higher than the other kid's handgun courses.  This course is great for students that have a higher-anxiety level when dealing with handguns.  Your child will feel right at home and comfortable with our stock of non-lethal firearms and ammunition.  No sore hands, overwhelming shock, muzzle flash, or tremendous noise like ballistic firearms have.

In this class, located at the Stoneridge Tactical training facility in Central Point, kids will learn to safely handle and shoot handguns.  This kid's shooting class is 4 hours in length and will include classroom safety instruction and review as well as live-fire range time.  By the end of the class, children will shoot safer and more accurately, while maintaining handgun safety as they learn to handle, manipulate, load, unload, and fire their handgun. 

Parents of students may bring a handgun for their children to use during the classroom instruction portion but will not use that firearm during the live-fire activities.  All ammunition is included in the cost of the class (parents are NOT to provide ammo for their child.  All firearms and magazines brought into the classroom are to be completely unloaded and clear of all ammunition.  Keep all live ammunition out of the classroom please).

"Shooting Certificates of Course Completion" will be awarded to all attendees.  "Parent-Certificates" not available in this course.


  • Professional Instruction

  • Firearms

  • Ammunition

  • Class materials

  • Silhouette Targets


-Firearm for classroom portion
-Hat or baseball cap
-Eye protection (Eye protection can be purchased for $5)
-Ear or hearing protection
-Closed-toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops)
-Long pants (no shorts will be allowed)

A certificate that satisfies Oregon Revised Statute 166.291(1)(f)(c) for Oregon CHL will be given to each child.  Parents can hold the certificate until the child is able to apply for their own concealed handgun license.  These certificates NEVER expire.

***Lifetime certification

When making prepayment, it is not important to select a timeslot here.  You should have already made that selection when you signed up.  Registration for the class and payment are two different things.  If you have not signed up, do that here!