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Classes For Security & Law Enforcement

Classes designed for security personnel, police, county sheriff, and FBI, our courses are taught by a certified Advanced Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor with the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association and the NRA's Law Enforcement Division.  Whether you are seeking training in specific areas such as arrest/search & seizure, defensive tactics, baton, OC, taser, or are interested in "continuing education" in other areas in order to maintain your current certifications, we have what you need.  These classes are not  restricted to LE personnel!  If you are civilian or security, sign up!


Handcuffing, defensive tactics, de-escalation techniques, ASP expandable baton, and more.  Scheduled classes and courses by appointment, we will teach you new skills or help you finely tune the skills you have already mastered.  From armed team room entry, to crossfire scenarios, to injured officer protocal, and using cover and concealment, we'll teach you effective firearm handling for lethal encounters.


Baton and pepper spray certification, arrest techniques based on Krav Maga principles.  Maintining your current certifications requires maintenance.  We offer continuing educations classes in areas such as Interpreting Body Language, Leadership Training, Violent Encounters Evasion, Advanced Defensive Tactics, Detecting Falsification of Identification, Arrest and Control, Fitness, Confidence in Contacts, and other topics with frequent well-known guest speakers.

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