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DPSST Security Certification Classes

Licensed and Certified by DPSST

Our training facility located in Central Point, Oregon, Stoneridge Tactical Academy is a DPSST licensed trainer now offering State of Oregon DPSST security training.  Whether you need the basic Unarmed Security certification course or the Armed Security Provider certification, Stoneridge Tactical has a class available for you.  Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), is one of the most respected names in public safety products around the world.  All classes are taught in English withouot assistance.  You must be an a US Citizen and an Oregon resident to attend DPSST courses.  Stoneridge Tactical Academy is a DPSST-Certified Instructor school right here in Southern Oregon.​

Classes Are Open Enrollment. 

No signing up and no prepayments required to get into our classes.  No cancellation fees or penalties for changing your mind before payment is made.  Students are simply required to submit payment for the class on the first day of class.  Students do not attend without making payment.  We believe in keeping it simple and straight-forward.  Just show up at the class you wish to attend and we will get you taken care of to attend. Classes run 14 (2 days) to 24 hours (3 days) with breaks. 

DPSST Unarmed Security Provider

This 14 hour course is presented over a 2-day period from 9 AM to 5 PM each day.  Refresher classes are 4 hours and are 9 AM to 1 PM.

DPSST Armed Security Provider

This 24 hour course is presented over a period of 3 days from 9 AM to 5 PM each day.  Students are required to have their own or issued gear and handgun.  This course includes classroom and range training plus a qualification using the PQC-1 course.  This is not a novice firearms course.  Student candidates are expected to hanve a basic foundation of handgun safety and marksmanship prior to attending, and are expected to pass the PQC-1 qualification on the last day.  3 attempts will be allowed.  Students that do not pass the PQC-1 in 3 attempts will be invited back on another day for additional attempts.  There is an additional fee of $25 (plus any applicable range fees) for qualification attempts beyond the first 3 attempts.   Armed refresher classes are 4 hours and are from 9 AM to 1 PM and include qualification with 1 firearm.

Additional Handguns

Each Armed Security course/renewal course cost includes 1 handgun for qualification.  Per state law, you must qualify with all handguns that you intend to carry on duty.  An additional charge of $25 per "additional" handgun will be assessed on the first day, prior to qualification.

What To Bring:
 All Classes
  • Government issued photo ID

  • Notebook

  • Note Paper

  • Writing Untensil

  • Lunch/Snack/Drinks

 DPSST Armed Courses
  • All of the above and...

  • Safe, Functioning Duty Handgun

  • Holster Made Specifically for That Gun

  • Quality Ammo (At least 75 rounds - Enough for 3 attempts)

  • Duty Belt and Gear

  • No Live Ammunition is Allowed in the Classroom


Use the following links for the UNARMED PROVIDER class manuals.  Each successful* student candidate will receive a DPSST form PS-6 Certificate of Successful Completion.  All courses are "Competency-Based".  Attendance is not a guarantee of successful course completion. 

Unarmed Professional Basic Course

Unarmed Professional Refresher Course

*Pregnant female student candidates will not be allowed to participate in the DPSST Armed Security Provider courses, renewals, or qualifications, for medical reasons.  A Release of Liability form will be signed by each student before being allowed to attend.



All courses are "Open Enrollment"

(NOTE: Class dates are subject to change.  review class dates prior to attending)

Unarmed Provider (14 Hours):

Jun 23-24

Jul 4-5

Jul 20-21

Unarmed Provider Renewal (4 Hours):

Jun 23-24

Jul 4-5

Jul 20-21

Armed Provider:

Jun 23-24

Jul 4-5

Jul 20-21

Armed Provider Renewal:

Jun 23-24

Jul 4-5

Jul 20-21


Please do not make a payment unless you have received specific direction from the instructor to
to do so.
Payments are
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