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Women's Handgun & Rifle Classes

Our women's classes are geared specifically to women. When given the opportunity to learn with all the elements present that women want from an instructor, they will most often out-perform their male counterpart. Women naturally have the skills required to become very proficient when it comes to firearms and related activities and subsequently out-perform male counterparts. Our goal is to properly train women in the way they wish to be trained, providing them with the best and most current skills, the concepts needed to put idea to practicality, and the techniques needed to make that happen in the most effective ways.


The courses we offer for women are "what women want”. Nobody else in the state offers women's course as we do, specifically for women. Our head women's instructor, Elizabeth Cunningham, will take you step by step through all of the proper course curriculum and subjects needed to obtain the certification you desire. No longer be intimidated or feel uncomfortable in classes YOU want to take!


These courses are essential for women interested in any of the following subject areas:

Defensive Tactics, Women's Concealed Handgun Courses, Women's Pistol, Defensive Handgun, Defensive Rifle, Self Defense courses, and Multi-Day Camps.

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