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Beginning Handgun 101

NOTE: Only paid attendees are admitted.


Prepayment of a nonrefundable deposit is required to enroll and participate in this class.  Make sure you are committed and have the time before making the payment.  Click the PayPal button below and pay for the class.  You don't even have to have a PayPal account.  You may pay with credit or debit!  Your card will be charged real-time and you will receive a payment receipt at the email address you provide during checkout.  By making your payment for the class, you understand and are agreeing to our REFUND POLICY.  After making your payment, you will receive a "REMINDER EMAIL" with detailed address class time, driving directions, what to bring, policy, parking instructions, etc...  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to plan ahead, make proper arrival arrangements, and make sure you receive that email as it will certainly have been sent to you.  It is important to check your spam folder.  If you do not have that email by 7 days prior class date, contact us and we will make sure you have it.  Waiting until the morning of the class and claiming "I didn't get a reminder email and I didn't know where to go" is not a valid claim.  Prepayments are nonrefundable and non transferable to another class.  Live fire classes are not available to those women who are pregnant.  If you prepay for these courses and cannot attend due to pregnancy, there are no refunds or transfers of any kind.  If you or a person in your party cancels or no-shows for any reason, they forfeit their deposit.  Forfeited deposits cannot be used to bring in another student in their place.  Check the class schedule for our upcoming classes.

Please do not make a payment unless you have received an email to do so.

You MUST use the
Signup Form
to get your names on the roster before you will get that email!

Beginning Handgun

BEGINNING HANDGUN 101 - (5 hours) - $150

For our "Half-Day" course, we'll generally start at 9:00 AM and we'll go until about 2:00 PM.  The course is fun, active, interactive, and informal.  You'll love it!

Starting from the ground floor - Co-ed course for students with minimum or no handgun experience.  We take you from box to backstop with both revolvers and semi-automatic handguns.  Starting with terminology, semantics, field-stripping your handgun, cleaning, operation, ammunition and malfunction types and basic discussion and implementation of operating your handgun, and learning to field strip your firearm and put it back together.  Students will make their way to the range using basic stances for shooting.  The goal is safety, confidence, and competency.  Satisfies ORS 166.291 for Oregon Concealed Handgun licensing.  Men and women welcome.  Some ranges we use require payment of park entry fees for non-member shooters.  You are responsible for park entry fees.  We recommend purchasing memberships at the range if you plan on being an avid shooter.

Each student will be awarded a certificate of course completion that satisfies ORS 166.291(1)(f)(c) for Oregon Concealed Handgun certification.  A $75.00 nonrefundable deposit is required for this class.

Course Content:
Safety Brief

Field-stripping a number of different handguns

Operation of semi auto and revolver

Nomenclature of gun parts

How To Clear a Handgun
Review of Fundamentals of Shooting
Basic stances
Proper Loading and Unloading of You Firearm
Hold Control
Breath Control
Aiming (Sight Alignment and Sight Picture)
Trigger Control

Loading Your Magazine Properly

How to Reload Your Firearm

Recoil Management

Basic Targeting and Correction Techniques
Follow Through Techniques

What to Bring:
Handgun (.22 cal is not allowed) (We have limited rental handguns at a cost of $25.  You purchase your own ammo - We do not sell ammo

Ammo (At least 100 rounds - 2 boxes)
Baseball cap or hat with brim
Proper shirt with a high neck for safety
Eye protection (Eye protection can be purchased from Stoneridge at a cost of $7.00 a pair of glasses)
Ear protection (You can borrow ear protection from us but you must reserve a set)
Long pants (511’s, BDU’s, Jeans, or any pants with belt loops)
Boots or tennis shoes (Shoes WILL get muddy if wet)
Extra magazines or speedloaders if you have them
I'll bring water to the range
We do not lend gear other than ear protection - (It is your responsibility to bring the necessary items above)

All handgun classes taught through Stoneridge Tactical have been designed, built, and developed in accordance with the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, the NRA, and NRA Law Enforcement Division Instructor training practices and guidelines by Stoneridge Tactical, David Cunningham, and Liz Cunningham, NLEFIA Advanced Firearms Instructor, NRA Instructors, NRA LE Division "Handgun" and  "Patrol Rifle" instructors, and satisfy Oregon's requirement for "Concealed Handgun Certification" per ORS 166.291.

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