Law enforcement officers must attempt to prepare for an armed confrontation at any given moment.  Preparation is vital to this end.  There are a number of issues that come up that may pose a barrier to what we are attempting to do, learn, and react to.  The way that we as individuals react to various conflicts is a byproduct of our learning, which is a byproduct of our upbringing.  At Stoneridge, we understand the value of competency by repetition, "Dragging the Bag" as we like to coin it.  Everything that we are taught has to be brought along during all aspects of the critical incident confrontation.  It's not enough to learn a single technique and practice that single technique throughout the drill, leaving the remaining skills and practice for other drills.  We teach you to utilize everything that you will learn at Stoneridge in every single drill.




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It's true when we teach and perform martial arts, football, and anything else that requires the immediate use of our skills in a manner that embodies one of our core techniques called, "Automation Over Contemplation".  It's a simple technique but is built into our training to save lives.  Simply put, if you train at 10% efficiency or power, when the rubber meets the road, that's how you will perform.  Train hard, train fast, and train efficiently.  This allows the student to master the techniques and put them into action in an automated mechanical function rather than having to think about what we need to do and then relying on fine to moderate motor skills to get us through the ordeal.


We offer real scenario-driven exercises that work not only on a range but in reality.  When practicing or firing at a static target in order to get a "small group", we fail to take into consideration the opponent's mindset, their ability, their movement, and all of the variables that play into the situation.  Our goal is to first identify and observe the assailant and then automatically set ourselves up in order to take best advantage of the situation, whether that means to fight or to flee a scene.  There is no room for panic.  Students are taught to make a conscious decision about what they are to do or how they are to progress to the next level of action.  Once choices are made, action is immediate.  It must be immediate.  Time is life!  We teach a particular decision-making process that lends itself to winning. 


There must be a balance between speed and accuracy.  An officer that takes extensive time to place a correct shot on a lethal threat target is an officer that may not win.  The goal is winning, living, and fighting.  It's certainly not enough to place shots on the target.  This has to be done quickly and efficiently so that more accurate shot are placed than your adversary and MORE OF THEM than your adversary.  A lot of time, the one with the most hits wins.  Kind of simplistic but true.  We teach officers to take control of their situation, implement proper shooting fundamentals with each and every shot, dictate proper use and sequence of immediate action skills, and fast, efficient placement of numerous shots in order to obtain the desired outcome.  Missing is not an option and will produce equally undesirable results.


CLASS COST: $255.00 (Plus $20 range fee)


Mandatory Equipment:
  • Hat, boonie, or baseball cap

  • 500 rounds of ammunition (brass only)

  • Your duty sidearm

  • minimum of 3 magazines

  • Magazine pouch

  • Long pants (511’s, BDU’s, Jeans, or any pants with belt loops)

  • Knee pads are strongly advised (unconventional positions)

  • Duty belt with Holster and all gear you normally carry

  • Keepers

  • Weather-dependant clothing (jacket, sweatshirt, etc)

  • Snacks, lunch and drinks

  • Eye and ear protection

  • Pad and pen

Contact us regarding this class: 541-499-4706