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Live Fire and Tactical Classes

The Next Steps Tactical Handgun course is available in an all-day course and is fast paced and high-pressure. This course is specifically designed for those who already possess a concealed carry permit and want to take the next logical step to getting themselves prepared for a Critical Incident should it ever occur.  This class is a MUST for the concealed carry license holder and experienced shooter alike! You are not required to possess a Concealed Handgun License to attend this class but you must have a safe and working knowledge, combined with shooting experience, prior to attending. 


ALL-DAY: $150


We take you through the entire 2 days with tactical firearm training.  This is a fast-paced, "drag-the-bag" type learning environmnet.  Your class starts with some prior shooting knowledge and experience required for the course.  At Stoneridge, we provide you with case study to describe the issues, then move into the concepts behind it all. We then take you through the tactics or the techniques you will be using as a means to win in a Critical Incident and to neutralize a Lethal Threat, should you ever be confronted by one.


This class is a must for any woman or girl concerned with being truly able to protect herself under stress.  This is 2 full 8 hour days of hard, real-life, scenario-based, person-to-person exercises. Class consists of 1 full day of "live-fire", on the range handgun training and a 2nd full day of hands-on classroom self defense training from A to Z.  For Day-1, you'll need a firearm, 200 rounds of ammunition, plus eye and ear protection, along with comfortable clothing for outdoors.  For day-2, you'll need a sweatshirt and sweatpants, comfortable fitting court or tennis shoes, and bottled water for hydration.


This full-day course moves the shooter from no experience to handling the rifle as it was designed to be used.  Starting with terminology and operation of the rifle, accessories, styles, types of rifles, to using iron sights or optics, the shooter refines their knowledge of mechanical offset, proper movement techniques, tactical loading and emergency reloading, malfunction clearance drills, and targeting. The course teaches students how to utilize basic fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and handling, how to "zero" iron-sighted rifles, the difference between "zero" and "sighting in" a rifle.  Basic ready positions, shot timing, movement, pivoting, and reaction drills with positional changes are taught in this Beginner course.  


*Class is open to US Citizens ONLY

ALL-DAY: $200

5 Days, 8 Hours Daily
Satisfies requirement for ORS 166.291 for concealed handgun license and DPSST 40 hour training requirement for LE Handgun Instructor Development
COST: $980 ($500.00 Deposit required) 

Classes above may not be scheduled at this time
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