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What is Simunition Force-On-Force?

Simunition® is the premier firearms training vehicle!  No paper targets.  No standing in front of instructors as they watch your firing at silhouettes!  This is the real deal.  Live-fire, using your gun or a handgun fitted to you by our professional staff, professionally loaded with Simunition® FX Marking Cartridges by trained and certified safety personnel.  This is "IT" folks!  Have you EVER thought about firing a live round at a bad guy as a Critical Incident unfolds in front of you?  You will now!  All in complete non-lethal safety.

Simunition®is a primer-driven, powder charged ammunition cartridge with colored detergent-marker filled plastic polymer projectiles used in your own firearm against live targets in live-fire, force-on-force, critical incident and crisis training.  Some folks feel that Simunition is nothing more than glorified "paintball".  I can assure you, they are wrong!  It is the most technologically advanced firearms training program available today and it is available only at Stoneridge Tactical in Medford, Oregon.  Simunition® classes are not available anywhere else in the State of Oregon.

Simunition FX Training
Simunition Ammunition Types
Stoneridge Tactical is Oregon's First and Only Simunition® School


As the foremost firearms training school in southern Oregon and the only certified Simunition® school in the entire state, we are the leaders in live-fire, force-on-force, scenario-based training in the State of Oregon.  Our staff chose Simunition® as the next logical step in real life force-on-force scenario training.  Nobody else in the State of Oregon offers this type of realistic, live-fire training.  It doesn't get any more real than this!

Scenario-based crisis training has long been proven to be the best and most realistic training style available to students anywhere.  It pits you against YOURSELF!   You find out what works and what doesn't and why.  We pick things that we feel are important for you to know and practice, train you and retrain you, then place you in another training scenario. 

At Stoneridge Tactical, We introduce the proper physiological and psychological effects in order to increase the realism of the training. Take part in the adrenalin, the physiological effects of adrenalin overload, get pumped up, experience fear, auditory exclusion, motor skill deterioration, sweating, shaking, and tunnel vision as you are thrust into the heart of real life scenarios against "REAL" live assailants that mean to do you harm!  We arm you with the tools and training you need to prevail.  You'll not experience a class like this anywhere else in the state!  This is the VERY SAME training program used by elite military and law enforcement firearms training divisions all over the world.  Now, for the first time in the state of Oregon, as a civilian, you have the chance to participate in live-fire, scenario-based, force-on-force training with some of the best instructors in the nation.  This will be a training experience unparalleled anywhere else.  COME JOIN US!

It Doesn't Get anymORE real Than This!

Realistic training for police SWAT/CERT teams, military forces, armed security, and law enforcement agencies involved in basic firearms familiarization and skill development, tactical scenarios, individual and team situations, counter-terrorism, close-quarter battle (CQB), urban fighting (MOUT/FIBUA), executive protection applications, and personal defense inside and outside the home.

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The Firearms and Ammo


Our Simunition® Conversion Kits are easy to install and designed to fit your own service or personal defense weapon.  They are designed to disallow the inadvertent chambering of live duty ammunition.  Conversion barrels are made of high quality steel and allows tool-free conversion of most weapons, including carbine rifles.  They allow quick deconversion back to the firearm's original state in mere seconds.


Simunition® FX® Marking Cartridges are made to fit specific Simunition® conversion products because of their unique shape.  They provide near normal recoil but with safe force-on-force, interactive, live-fire scenarios.  Also with the convenience of Close-Quarter scenario training any time, any place.  Bring your own firearm to our class and we'll temporarily convert it for you just for the class.  Our Training Safety Officers (TSOs), instructors and Officer In Charge (OIC) are there for you every step of the way.  They are professionally trained by General Dynamics Simunition® staff in all aspects of safety.

.38 Special Simunition Revolver
AR-15 Aimunition Rifle
Simunition Protective Helment
The Gear & Safety

In all things - Safety First!

"Students often ask, “why can’t we use a paint ball mask?”  The answer is... PROTECTION.  Simunition® projectiles in 9mm projectiles travel at nearly 600 fps, the 5.56 variant has a muzzle velocity of nearly 650 fps. Face mask protection must be available for the eyes, ear, nose and mouth from all angles. Simply put, Simunition® face masks are designed for Simunition® projectiles.  Most paintball masks do not offer the student adequate protection at these velocities or these angles of impact.  The FX® 9002  and 9003 head protectors provide proper cheek weld for improved operator performance.  It can be used with most types of service helmets and is compatible

with most law enforcement and military Night Vision Goggles. It has optimal breathability and lens airflow as well as exceptional hearing and voice transmission capabilities.  This head protector can be worn with most personal prescription corrective lenses and eyewear frames and accommodates ESS® and Revision® prescription corrective vision inserts through a scratch resistant polycarbonate anti-fog coated lens.  It also comes with a removable modular hard top for users without service helmets. It is comfortable, lightweight, easy to clean and one-size fits-all.  With our Simunition® classes, you are protected.


Our Simunition® training system  is comprised of the FX® marking ammo, for real-time identification of actual hits on target, the Simunition® weapon conversion kits, the Simunition® personal protective equipment (PPE), certified Training Safety Officers, Monitors, Instructors, an Officer In Charge (OIC),  plus certified safety training.  Our Simunition classes are the only classes in the state of Oregon to have been fully designed and qualified for safety and reliability with all the essential components of the Simunition® FX training system. This systems approach ensures a total safety solution to the user, thus reducing his training liability.  Consists of classroom safety briefing and range time with 3-5 scenarios, critiquing, remediation, retraining, and rerunning of similar scenarios.


This is not a "paintball" game.  You will adhere to instructor requirements at all times.  Horseplay will not be tolerated.  Indiscriminate shooting for the simple purpose "shooting because you can", or for the purpose of fun, will be dealt with sternly.  Repeated warnings will result in student expulsion without refund.  This is a learning process learning to manage cognitive thinking and muscle memory while dealing with adrenaline dump.  This course is not to be used as a "guys day out"!  If you are ready to get as real as it gets, come join us!


FULL-DAY CLASS COST: $250 (Includes range fee)
Deposit of $125.00 required to reserve your seat 
click the "BUY NOW" button to pay your deposit!

All handgun classes taught through Stoneridge Tactical have been designed, built, and developed in accordance with Simunition, National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, NRA, and NRA Law Enforcement Division Instructor training practices and guidelines by Stoneridge Tactical, David Cunningham, and Liz Cunningham, NLEFIA Advanced Firearms Instructor, NRA Instructors, NRA LE Division "Handgun" and  "Patrol Rifle" instructors, and satisfy Oregon's requirement for "Concealed Handgun Certification" per ORS 166.291.

NOTE: Only paid attendees are admitted.


Prepayment of a nonrefundable deposit is required to enroll and participate in this class.  Make sure you are committed and have the time before making the payment.  Click the PayPal button below and pay for the class.  You don't even have to have a PayPal account.  You may pay with credit or debit!  Your card will be charged real-time and you will receive a payment receipt at the email address you provide during checkout.  By making your payment for the class, you understand and are agreeing to our REFUND POLICY.  After making your payment, you will receive a "REMINDER EMAIL" with detailed address class time, driving directions, what to bring, policy, parking instructions, etc...  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to plan ahead, make proper arrival arrangements, and make sure you receive that email as it will certainly have been sent to you.  It is important to check your spam folder.  If you do not have that email by 7 days prior class date, contact us and we will make sure you have it.  Waiting until the morning of the class and claiming "I didn't get a reminder email and I didn't know where to go" is not a valid claim.  Prepayments are nonrefundable and non transferable to another class.  Live fire classes are not available to those women who are pregnant.  If you prepay for these courses and cannot attend due to pregnancy, there are no refunds or transfers of any kind.  If you or a person in your party cancels or no-shows for any reason, they forfeit their deposit.  Forfeited deposits cannot be used to bring in another student in their place.  Check the class schedule for our upcoming classes.

Please do not make a payment unless you have received an email to do so.  

You MUST use the
Signup Form
to get your names on the roster before you make any payments!
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