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We just added over 100 class days to the 2024 calendar!
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About Stoneridge Tactical

We've just added over 100 classes to the 2024 calendar.


We are Oregon's Headquarters for NRA firearms classes. If you are looking to become an NRA Instructor, or want to learn to shoot, you have come to the right place.  Keep an eye on the calendar for new classes. 

We offer everything from defensive handgun to carbine rifle, from home defense shotgun to kid's live fire handgun and rifle, even security and law enforcement classes in pepper spray, baton, handcuffing amd more!


At Stoneridge Tactical Academy, through excellence, reality, and truth, our students receive superior tactical firearms and defensive skill set training.  Approaching reality with truth and practicality, it's easy to achieve excellence.

We provide firearms and tactics classes to civilian, law enforcement, security, corporate, and government in many disciplines. We offer concealed carry, beginning handgun, women's classes, kid's classes, defensive and tactical firearm classes for the novice and expert alike.  Plus, we teach self defense, and defensive tactics.  Stoneridge Tactical is the only certified ASP training school for security and law enforcement.


As such, we offer classes in ASP Tactical Baton, and ASP Tactical Handcuffing and Arrest Techniques. Stoneridge instructors are certified and licensed by some of the biggest and best organizations in law enforcement, security, and defensive tactics in the business, including the NRA, Utah BCI, ASP, Safariland, Defense Technology and others to assure you quality classes every time!

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Stoneridge Tactical Firearms Training and Gun School.  Stoneridge Tactical Academy - Firearms training classes include Simunition live-fire force on force interactive scenario based crisis training, tactical handgun, concealed hand license for Oregon

Stoneridge Tactical's Lead Instructor is David Cunningham.  Mr. Cunningham began his training in 1991 as a member of law enforcement having worked for Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team and then to becoming President of his department's Police Association for 2 years.  He was a Field Training Officer with the department and trained other officers in such subjects as defensive tactics, high-risk felony stops, report writing, use of force, search and seizure, and evidence handling, and was a Certified Child Abuse Investigator and a Certified Death Investigator.  During his tenure, he wrote and served many search warrants and was supervising officer on several others, resulting in multiple arrests and convictions of criminals involving narcotics.  He was a highly trained DUII enforcement officer as well.   In 1993, he was honored by MADD along with only 7 other officers in Jackson County for his diligent effort in keeping our streets safe.


'As an Advanced Law Enforcement

Firearms Instructor, He's an

active member of


Mr. Cunningham, along with his wife Liz, founded Stoneridge Tactical Academy focused on professional training for students in law enforcement, security, and civilian communities nationwide.  Mr. Cunningham has trained all over the country and has received instructor certifications in many areas.  Both David and Liz are members of the ASP International Training Team and teach groups in proper, court-defensible use of handcuffs, tactics, and batons.  Mr. Cunningham is a current NRA Training Counselor, Advanced Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor with the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association, and is a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor with the NRA's Law Enforcement Division in Patrol Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, and Handgun.  As a law enforcement firearms instructor, Mr. Cunningham is specifically trained to build, develop, and provide the best law enforcement and civilian firearms training courses in the country.


"I take our Law Enforcement Instructor training very seriously.
As a result, my students are the best-trained in the state. 

I train law enforcement personnel all over the country in something that will

undoubtedly save their lives as they perform their duties everyday.

I'm honored that I can be instrumental in their success."

Mr. Cunningham remains active within the law enforcement community to this day.  He has been contracted by the State of California Department of Corrections at Pelican Bay to train Pelican Bay's Crisis Response Team members in the use of Tactical Handgun and Carbine Rifle.  He teaches Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle and Law Enforcement Handgun all over the state at various law enforcement ranges.  He's an Active Member of IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) and NLEFIA (National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association), two of the most well-known and influential law enforcement firearms instructor organizations in the country.

Mr. Cunningham is a school owner at one of only 2 dedicated Krav Maga schools in Oregon!  He is a Nationally-Certified Level III Krav Maga Instructor.  Rogue Valley Krav Maga is located in Central Point, Oregon and is the only other upper-level Krav Maga instructor in southern Oregon.  David Cunningham is a faithful Christian family man with a beautiful wife and a wonderful son.  Mr. Cunningham also holds a 3rd degree black belt under Chuck Norris. 


Mr. Cunningham is an NRA Training Counselor dedicated to the fight for our Constitution and focusing on 2nd Amendment rights.  He is an NRA Training Counselor which means he is an Instructor Certifier.  For shooters who wish to become "Certified NRA Instructors", Stoneridge Tactical is your NRA Training Headquarters!  Mr. Cunningham is a Chief Range Safety Officer providing SOP for ranges and training Range Safety Officers in Oregon to provide a completely safe and fun environment for all levels of firearms enthusiasts and shooters.  His prior training, plus the additional certifications and credentials below, place Stoneridge Tactical in the top of all firearms training organizations in the entire State of Oregon with regard to instructor certifications, ability, training, and expertise.  For any prospective student, that translates into the safest and best instruction statewide for clients of Stoneridge Tactical Academy.  You've certainly come to the right place.  We pride ourselves in providing the best in training and instruction to all of our clientele.  Law Enforcement, Military, and other professionals can contact our staff at Stoneridge about custom "mobile" training programs to achieve your specific training objectives.

Our class schedule changes often.  View the class schedule to see the latest additions.  Find a class that fits your personal needs.  If you don't find a class that you are interested in, contact us and request a class.  We strive to be able to accommodate your request.

David Cunningham

Director of Education and Training

Lead Firearms Trainer
Lead Force-on-Force Instructor

Lead Tactical Instructor

Elizabeth Cunningham

Operations Manager

Facilities Safety Manager

Women's Training Program Director

NRA Firearms Instructor

Rifle Build Instructor

Defense Instructor

Stoneridge Tactical Instructor Credentials

Advanced Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor - NLEFIA/NRA LE

Law Enforcement Carbine Rifle Instructor NLEFIA/NRA LE

Law Enforcement Tactical Shotgun Instructor NRA LE

Active Member - International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

Active Member - National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association

NRA Training Counselor

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Handgun Instructor

NRA CCW Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Shotgun Instructor

NRA 'Refuse To Be A Victim' Instructor

Kid's Handgun and Rifle Instructor

Tactical Firearms Instructors

Simunition Force-on-Force Scenario Instructor

Women's Handgun Instructors

Oregon Concealed Handgun Instructors

Utah Concealed Firearm Instructors

Arizona Concealed Handgun Instructors

Florida Concealed Handgun Instructors

Virginia Concealed Handgun Instructors
Glock Armorer

Defense Technology OC Spray Instructor

ASP International Training Team Member

ASP Baton Instructor

ASP Handcuffing and Tactics Instructor

Bachelors Degree in Criminology

Former Law Enforcement Field Training Officer

Former Presidential Protection Detail for President George H. W. Bush

Krav Maga Instructor

Self Defense Instructor

Defensive Tactics Instructor

3rd Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor under Mr. Chuck Norris

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