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Can't decide what firearm is best for you?  Take an hour and try them all out. 

We have all of the latest and most sought-after handguns on the market today. 

You just need to supply the ammo!

Here's how it works:

If you are in the market for a handgun for home use, concealed carry, or other self protection, but don't know what to get, which is the best handgun for you, or simply can't decide, schedule your time to try them out first.  You'll need to contact us first to determine what hands-on training you've had in order to ensure our safety standards.

We have the most inclusive and widest variety of the newest and most sought-after handguns on the market today.  Whatever lifestyle, body style, or hand size you have, whatever limitations in strength due to injury or disability, we have firearms that you can try.  You will surely find the one that fits you best.

It's one thing to head out to the local gun shop and handle a firearm for fit and attractiveness.  It's a whole different issue to learn to manipulate, load, unload, reload, handle, and fire that gun.  What you think might be the best because the store clerk said so, may be the biggest mistake you'll make in purchasing your firearm.  It's a very personal choice for each of us and what's right for the other guy or gal may not be right for you.  Everyone is different with different strengths and weaknesses, different body styles, different mental states, and different specific needs.  Stoneridge Tactical has what you need to find the right firearm for YOU!

Our professional, Advanced Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, and Chief Range Safety Officers will guide you through the process of how to handle any of the firearms you wish to try in a completely safe manner so your decision-making process in purchasing a firearm is as enjoyable as possible.  You'll leave with a complete understanding of what type of firearm you need, based on your own personal experience in this program.

Scheduling Instructions:

All you need is evidence of a hands-on training class either with us or someone else.  Simply call, text, or contact us at 541-499-4706.  Tell us a weekday between 9 AM and 4 PM that works for your schedule, that you would like to utilize our Try Before You Buy program.  We'll confirm your choice on our calendar, and then send you a link to prepay the $50 fee.  Once the fee is paid, we'll send you an email with all the instructions and a list of what you'll need to bring with you, along with a downloadable waiver and liability release.  You'll purchase your choice of ammo at any local retailer you feel comfortable with.  We don't recommend purchasing reloaded ammunition, no matter how high the quality is advertised to be.  On your scheduled day, we'll meet you at the range with all of the firearms that use the caliber of ammo you purchased.  You'll  Take an hour and try all the firearms you wish to try.  Come to Stoneridge Tactical and Try Before You Buy.  Sign up today!  You'll be glad you did.  

Some ranges we use require payment of park entry fees for non-member shooters.  You are responsible for park entry fees.  We recommend purchasing memberships at the range if you plan on being an avid shooter.  This program does not offer hands-on training.  You are expected to have already had a basic handling course prior.

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